Prize for Spa-Expo-2005 visitors from Sofitel Thalassa
Vichy Les Celestins!
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“We were surprized by a great number of agencies at Spa-Expo, and, which is more, by the “quality” of visitors as well as real interest in our hotels. Our work at Spa-Expo resulted in lots of promising contacts. These words are not just a compliment, we are really very grateful for your efforts, together with many other participants. We will surely participate next year.

Marina Senkevich,
A Priori promo group”

“Workshop was a success, very good contacts! I think it was one of the best workshops in 2005. Perfect organization, a very high level of participants and visitors. I will be glad to participate next year.

Petr Ksendzov,
TMI Consultancy”

"Ars Vitae company thanks MITS for a perfectly organized event. My opinion, as well as my colleagues', is that Spa-Expo was the best workshop of last years. First of all, there were a lot of visitors. Secondly, all participants were interested in wellness product. I'd also like to mention that the event was very well organized (tables, coffee break, dinner, etc.) Ars Vitae company is pleased to confirm its participation in Spa-Expo 2006.

Best regards,
Natalia Bobrova,
Ars-Vitae company"

RATA-News (official electronic newspaper of Russian Travel Union), 27.10.2005:

Spa-Expo: the highest level

…Spa-Expo attracted more than 300 visitors, representing agencies and operators interested in wellness tourism…The level of workshop’s organization was highly estimated by all participants... Full article (in Russian)...

Tourinfo #42, 2005:

Health workshop

The first international Spa-Expo workshop took place in Moscow on the 25th of October. There is a great demand for wellness product in the market, that's why MITS together with Brittany regional tourist board (France) decided to organize such an event. The organizers are satisfied with the result: 25 participants and about 300 visitors...(Full article (in Russian)...)